The New Standard for Courtroom Audio

BEINCOURT has developed an Innovative Design for Pristine Audio

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BEINCOURT is excited to introduce SoundSphere, a Speaker/Microphone system, meticulously crafted for the dynamic demands of today’s modern hybrid courtroom environments.

Experience the SoundSphere Advantage:

  • Custom-Designed for Courtrooms: Optimized for both historic and modern courtrooms, SoundSphere overcomes acoustic challenges like high ceilings and hard surfaces with ease.
  • Flexible Format Options: Available in both Dante and AVB audio formats, SoundSphere offers versatile integration with your courtroom’s existing audio system.
  • Exceptional Audio Quality: Integrated microphone and speakers distribute clear, balanced sound, ensuring every participant is heard distinctly.
  • Single Wire connectivity: SoundSphere utilizes Power over Ethernet plus (PoE+) for a straightforward setup, ideal for courtroom locations with limited tech infrastructure.
  • New LED Mute Indicator: The microphone now features a clear LED light that indicates when it’s muted, providing immediate visual feedback.
  • Interpreter-Friendly Design: Unique dual headphone jacks support real-time interpretation, making it indispensable for multilingual proceedings.
  • Intuitive Volume Control: Effortlessly manage volume settings from the easy-to-use buttons on the base station

Elevate your courtroom’s audio experience with SoundSphere, where innovative design meets practical functionality.

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Eliminate the “Acoustic Pop” Sounds

Helps to eliminate echoing issues when used with Audio DSP
Enable each station to have premier audio sound
Support for conference settings, schools, courtrooms, international delegate/UN meetings, etc…
Enhance communication
Audio In & Audio Out
Mid-Range and Tweeter Built In
Support for ADA (Assisted Listening)
Dedicated 24/7 support for Device