Introducing the

Courtroom Experience Center

Discover the Future of Courtroom Technology at the BEINCOURT Courtroom Experience Center

We’re excited to welcome you to the newly renovated Courtroom Experience Center (CEC) in Reston, Virginia, a pioneering initiative by BEINCOURT to redefine the intersection of technology and the judiciary. Our modernized mock courtroom is meticulously designed to address the unique audio and video challenges faced by today’s courts, offering a firsthand look at the solutions that enable smooth in-person, virtual, and hybrid court proceedings.

The CEC is designed to provide the most seamless in-person, virtual, and hybrid experience for judicial clients. BEINCOURT hosts in-person, hybrid, and virtual courtroom technology demonstrations, which allow customers to experience the solution firsthand. BEINCOURT’s Courtroom Experience Center offers the following capabilities:

  • Multi-Camera Solution: Customized solution with multi-camera view tailored to provide an immersive courtroom experience for local and hybrid participants
  • Intuitive system control: Ease of use via touch screen control system
  • SoundSphere Audio: Localized capture and amplification of audio via proprietary SoundSphere speaker/microphone solution for a pristine courtroom audio experience
  • Native Conferencing Integration: Seamless integration with all major videoconferencing platforms
  • HD Audio & Video: High-Definition audio and video for all in-person and virtual participants
  • Integrated digital evidence presentation capabilities:
    • Document Camera
    • Wired and Wireless BYOD presentation capabilities
    • Digital annotation capabilities
  • Simultaneous and Consecutive interpretation Support:
    • American Sign Language (ASL) support for remote participants
    • Limited English Proficiency (LEP) support for multiple participants

Why Schedule a Demonstration?

Attending a demonstration at the CEC provides an opportunity to see BEINCOURT’s innovative solutions in action, offering insights into how technology can be leveraged to address current and future challenges faced by courts. Whether you’re exploring options for a new courtroom build, looking to upgrade existing facilities, or simply curious about the possibilities of courtroom technology, our demonstrations are designed to inspire and inform.

Join Us and Shape the Future Courtroom Technology

The integration of technology in courtrooms is not just about upgrading equipment—it’s about transforming the legal process to be more efficient, accessible, and fair. By visiting the CEC and participating in one of our demonstrations, you’re taking a step towards understanding and shaping the future of the judiciary.

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