Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Court Reporter stay engaged and hear better?

A: Utilizing BEINCOURTS speaker microphone the court reporter will have clear audio at their position and be able to plug in a headset to hear what is happening in the hearing.

Q: How does your system help with audio in the courtroom?

A: BEINCOURT upgrades the audio at the microphone and speaker level, by utilizing an all-in-one unit where the audio is reinforced at the device level. Each position within the room has their own speaker microphone along with an audio DSP. This will eliminate echoing and acoustic pop noises within the room. If necessary, ceiling speakers can be changed out as well.

Q: Can remote individuals present digital evidence?

A: Yes, the BEINCOURT system allows for remote parties to stay actively engaged and present evidence through multiple means.

Q: Does BEINCOURT provide recordings of hearings?

A: BEINCOURT does not directly record the hearings, but integrates with most 3rd party recording software.

Q: How do you handle the plexiglass concern?

A: Communication problems have arisen due to plexiglass having to be installed in the courtrooms. We solve that communication issue with our speaker microphone combo devices being installed at each position in the courtroom to allow for pristine audio and clearer communication between parties.  

Q: Can you provide and display annotation to remote parties?

A: Annotation capabilities come included in our complete solution, but can be added to our essential solution. Remote parties can see and participate in annotation, remotely.

Q: Does your solution meet/support ADA/ASL requirements?

A: Yes, our speaker microphones meet ADA requirements, by having 2 headphone input jacks where headsets can be used for the hard of hearing. We also can provide a separate screen at the council tables for an ASL interpreter 

Q: Does your solution provide support for interpreters?

A: Yes, BEINCOURT provides support for interpreters to provide simultaneous interpretation to the non-English speaker whether onsite or remote. We have 3 forms of interpretation that the interpreter can choose from.

Q: Do you provide onsite and/or remote support?

A: Yes, BEINCOURT provides 24/7 support for all clients. We can either provide that support onsite or remote, dependent on the problem or need.