Simple Hybrid Courtroom Technology


EASYCOURT is a state-of-the-art, preconfigured suite of audio and video technology solutions for courtrooms. EASYCOURT’s Effortless Assembly SYstem (EASY), redefines courtroom technology, presenting an audiovisual system that is both preconfigured and predesigned, ensuring it’s ready to use right out of the box. Tailored for ease of access and affordability, it fits perfectly in any courtroom setting, even in historical buildings with limited infrastructure. The system’s straightforward design enables a DIY installation by anyone -no specialized technical skills or installer expense required. It is a fast and non-intrusive setup, perfect for diverse environments.

Features & Benefits

SoundSphere Speaker Microphone: Delivers high-definition localized audio for clear and effective courtroom communication.

Hybrid Conferencing: Seamless integration with conferencing platforms like Zoom, Teams, and WebEx, catering to the digital needs of modern courtrooms.

Crestron Touch Screen Control: Provides an intuitive interface for easy management of courtroom AV sources.

Wired Computer Connectivity: Reliable and high-quality visual output from computer sources.

Dual HD Cameras: Features Dual high-definition cameras for extensive and detailed visual documentation during courtroom proceedings.

Tailored Audiovisual Courtroom Solutions: Customized to improve the quality of courtroom proceedings with superior audio and video capabilities.

Cost-Efficient and User-Friendly: Designed around affordability and simple operation, making it accessible for all courtroom environments.

Customizable and Configurable System: Allows for easy configuration and setup with an online tool that offers custom pricing and specifications.

Predesigned and Configured for Easy Setup: Specially designed for effortless installation and operation, even by non-technical personnel, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Document Camera for Evidence Presentation: Essential for presenting physical evidence clearly and effectively.

BYOD Presentation Flexibility: Provides versatile presentation solutions with both wired and wireless options for personal devices.

Large Screen Displays: Additional screens can be incorporated to enhance visual communication within the courtroom.

Additional Sound Reinforcement: Supplementary sound systems to ensure clear audio across the courtroom.

Extended Warranties & Support: Provides multi-year warranty options and support services for continuous system reliability.

Financing Options: Flexible financing plans available to support the acquisition and integration of the EASYCOURT system, making it accessible for all courtrooms.


Easily create your ideal courtroom configuration. Obtain a quote and discover flexible financing and warranty options with just a few clicks.


Explore a variety of options with our Audio Only or Comprehensive Audio and Video Technology Packages. Customize your system with tailored audio and video options to suit your court specific requirements.


Flexible financing plans designed to align with your court’s financial plan. Customize your courtroom audiovisual package to fulfill your court’s requirements.


Choose from our 1-, 3- and 5-year warranty and support plans for peace of mind. Benefit from our comprehensive device repair or replacement protection in the event of equipment failure, ensuring uninterrupted courtroom operation.


Affordable Innovation in Courtroom AV Technology:

The EASYCOURT solution distinguishes itself through ease of via its intuitive touch panel control system and user-friendly installation. The system accommodates hybrid proceedings leveraging compatibility with mainstream platforms including Teams and Zoom. Built around BEINCOURT’s SoundSphere speaker/mic solution, EASYCOURT ensures crystal clear localized audio quality throughout the courtroom. Additional options include bring your own device connections, document camera, large screen display(s), evidence presentation, and more.

Designed for instant deployment, EASYCOURT is a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the demands of modern courtroom environments, offering a seamless, flexible, and intuitive experience.


At the core of EASYCOURT is the SoundSphere speaker microphone audio system. This innovative audio solution is pivotal in transforming courtroom communication. SoundSphere delivers crystal-clear audio to and from courtroom stations and integrates seamlessly with existing courtroom recording systems. This ensures every word is captured and conveyed with precision, enhancing clarity and reliability in courtroom proceedings.

Flexible Payment Options:

Acknowledging budgetary limitations, BEINCOURT facilitates financing alternatives over a variety of contract lengths through partnerships with lending facilities to help meet the Court’s technical, timeline, and budgetary needs.

Coming Soon: Government Contract Availability

Get ready for streamlined procurement with EASYCOURT on the NASPO (National Association of State Procurement Officials) contract through our partnership with Carahsoft! BEINCOURT’s EASYCOURT is set to revolutionize access to state-of-the-art AV technology for government clients, both federal and state.

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