Courtroom Consulting and Programming Services

Transform and standardize your courtroom experience

Courtroom Consulting Services

BEINCOURT can help you build a courtroom of the future that is based on today’s hybrid possibilities. Our services include a detailed GAP analysis of your current Courtroom AV architecture. This will allow us to identify any areas where your current setup is not up to par with the latest technology. We can then recommend solutions that will bring your courtroom into the 21st century. With our help, you can be sure that your courtroom is prepared for anything.


  • We will design and conceive your Hybrid Courtroom
  • We can provide detailed CAD drawings for all cabling, furniture and technology in your courtroom.
  • We can program your own custom software to control your courtroom proceeding

Control Software Programming

BEINCOURT provides a variety of services to help you control your courtroom experience. After an initial review, BEINCOURT can create a custom program to help standardize your courtroom control device. This will allows you to use existing technology investments and turn them into a centralized device. BEINCOURT can also help you with a hybrid courtroom solution that integrates different AV manufacturers. This will provide you with more options and allow you to tailor the courtroom to your specific needs.


  • Control your courtroom from anywhere utilizing a standard web browser.

  • Integrates with any web conferencing platform